Tafelgoud genomineerd voor een FoodAward


Hooray, we are honored that Tafelgoud has been nominated for a Food Award!

About the FoodAwards
Tafelgoud has been nominated for a FoodAward! The FoodAwards select the best new product introductions. The awards are being presented for the 34th time this year and are an initiative of  FoodPersonality , a platform for the supermarket and food sector. The winners are determined by a jury and consumers.

About Tafelgoud
With Tafelgoud you consciously use less salt, while the taste of salt is retained in your dish. Table gold is the alternative to table salt, which you can add to taste when your dish is ready. It consists of 47% herbs and spices, 25% vegetables, 18% sea salt and 10% miso. Together 100% taste! All this is packed in a handy grinder with two grinding settings, which allows you to determine the coarseness yourself, for an even more intense smell and taste. If you set the cap to a low setting, you grind finely. If you use the high setting, you grind coarsely.

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You can vote until May 12. With your vote you have a chance to win great prizes.