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Verstegen Spices & Sauces B.V. has been a family-owned business in Rotterdam since it was founded in 1886. Today, the fourth generation is leading the way. To us, herbs and spices create the base for great flavour. That is why Verstegen only supplies the highest quality herbs and spices. We get the best ingredients from the countries of origin, where we have a unique and longlasting cooperation with local farmers. And we are proud of it! As Verstegen keeps the entire chain in its own hands, we can ensure a fair, transparent and sustainable chain from farmer to consumer.

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NEW: Spice Blends for Vega

There's nothing stopping you from eating more vegetables. Verstegen introduces Spice Blends for Vega, for super tasty, vegetarian dishes with an extra 'bite'. By using Miso, you add a savory taste to your dish. More vegetables, vega delicious! All variants are available at Albert Heijn. Here you can read more about the Spice Blends for Vega.

Elected as the most sustainable company in the Netherlands

Verstegen was elected as the most sustainable company in the Netherlands. The award is an initiative of the Dutch foundation for carbon neutrality (Stichting Nederland CO2 Neutraal) in Driebergen. In the foundation’s search for the most sustainable company in the Netherlands, Verstegen was granted the public award. For example, we started an agroforestry program and we help pepper farmers improve their harvests with the use of geo-data. Discover more about our sustainable projects.

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A transparent chain

Thanks to blockchain technology, one QR scan will show you where your nutmeg comes from. You can see which farmer has grown your nutmeg, whether price agreements with farmers have been made and whether the nutmeg is of the best quality, as promised by Verstegen. Buy the nutmeg at Coop Supermarket and claim it via the QR-code. This way, you are the last link to complete the chain, from farm to fork!

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